Celebrating a year of Grain Free

Wow…I can’t remember how many years I have started a new diet and made it probably 3 months and then downward spiral back to not only where I was before, but worse off.  I still remember myself a year ago.  60lbs overweight, bloated on popcorn, pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, and the list goes on.  Working out like a dog and suffering from Migraines, heart burn, gall bladder, IBS and swollen joints and anxiety and the list goes on.  Here I am a year later…45lbs gone, and none of the other ailments.  A year of sticking to something and not even that…it becoming so much a part of me that I really don’t think about it…Oh I think about food…..I LOVE FOOD!  I love how my food makes me feel, I love cooking, I love cooking for people and I Love Love Love that I don’t suffer anymore.  I still have about 25lbs I would like to lose, but I am not really working at that right now.  I am just eating foods I love when hungry and kind of watching my weight and for the last 6 months I have basically maintained!!!  That is so exciting to me.  I still have ZERO desire to eat grains, soy, legumes or sugar.  Like a reformed smoker I see them as poison.  Sure I have had a Jube Jube or a handful of the party mix and man do I ever suffer!!!  So yes, no desire.  I am really wanting to drink red wine…I love the idea of red wine but it doesn’t like me.  I cook with it.  But since discovering FODMAP it is possible that I will never be able to enjoy red wine.  My body isn’t liking the fermented foods.

I am reading “Primal Body Primal Mind – beyond the Paleo diet” for the 3rd time.  Yes I love that book…Nora Gedgaudas is pure awesomeness!

In a couple of weeks I am hosting a workshop in my house to sample some grain free foods and to make a few together.  I am looking forward to it and hope everyone comes with a hungry belly! 

So for my New Year…what is my goal?  Basically to keep learning what foods my body thrives on and what it doesn’t, maybe a few house renos, I might try to drop the 25lbs…why I am not worried is because I am happy in my clothes and if someone said…you will be this weight and shape forever!!!  I would be happy.


2 thoughts on “Celebrating a year of Grain Free

  1. Cyndi Brunnet January 5, 2013 at 2:45 am Reply

    I look forward to reading your other blogs. Thanks for sharing and being an inspiration!

  2. Sonia Nerio March 24, 2013 at 6:32 am Reply

    Shannon…You are “Awesome”!!!!….Thanks to be an inspiration for all of us!!!

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