Are you Upstream or Downnstream?

I am fairly committed to my way of life and how I eat and feed my family and sometimes I wonder if I should be *committed*.  When I see how other people approach food and eating styles I just don’t understand why someone would put something into their mouth without reading the label, just trusting that it is on the shelf in a store that we buy food and we are supposed to eat.  It boggles my mind and sometimes to frustration and anger.  Then I need to step back and let go and yet I still wonder “why am I so different?”  Well the first thing that comes to mind is a story my mother told me many years ago.  I think the story was originally written by Ronald Rolheiser, or he used it in his book.  Either way, this is the story I am going to use so that you can understand how I see things when it comes to the food we put into our bodies.

“Once upon time there was a town that was built just beyond the bend of large river. One day some of the town folks were sitting beside the river when they noticed three children floating in the water. They ran for help and the townsfolk quickly pulled the bodies out of the river.

One body was dead so they buried it. One was barely alive and quite ill, so they put that person into the hospital. The third child they were able to bring it back to life and was let go to return from where it came.

From that day on, every day a number of bodies came floating down the river and, every day, the good people of the town would pull them out and tend to them—taking the sick to hospitals, and burying those who were dead.

This went on for years; each day brought its quota of bodies, and the townsfolk not only came to expect a number of bodies each day but also worked at developing more elaborate systems for picking them out of the river and tending to them. Some of the townsfolk became quite generous in tending to these bodies and a few extraordinary ones even gave up their jobs so that they could tend to this concern full-time. And the town itself felt a certain healthy pride in its generosity.

However, during all these years and despite all that generosity and effort, nobody thought to go up the river, beyond the bend that hid from their sight what was above them, and find out why, daily, those bodies came floating down the river.”

Next Monday I will be spending another day in the Cancer Center at Sunnybrook in Toronto and I already have that feeling coming over me.  Wish I could take everyone home with me and maybe some of the things I have learned to help lessen the sickness they are enduring because they are being told the food we are eating is safe and good for us.

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