Parenting Ourselves

Parenting Ourselves

I can honestly say that since Christmas I haven’t been eating very well. Doesn’t mean I am chomping on the grains and eating McDonalds. I been having a hard time since the cold weather moved in with drinking my 80 oz of water every day and I have been eating more 70% chocolate per day than I was maybe per week. Fall out from Christmas and allowing myself a few extra treats maybe? Well it is now January 9th and it is time I get back on track. I have been wondering how to get back on track. I call it “being in the zone” and something clicks on and I am in the zone and not sure how I got there…but today I realized that I become a parent…to myself. So this morning I said to my little girl…”Shannon I know you are looking at those cookies you made yesterday and yes they are all considered healthy (I did half 70% dark chocolate chips and half cranberries) but you really need to have an omelet with some veggies and you need to drink at least 40 oz of water before noon. AND…if you do that, then you can have your cookie with tea…OK?” My response to myself “FINE!” *insert typical teenager eye roll*

I know once I post this I will be checking out the window for the men with the straight jacket to pull up to the house…

So here I am with 20 oz of water in me and working on the second 20, and I made a nice 2 egg omelet with ham, sprouts and tomatoes and a bit a cheese.

I just have to think of a treat for after I finish the next 40 oz!

Good Girl!

2 thoughts on “Parenting Ourselves

  1. Col Mitchell January 10, 2013 at 4:57 pm Reply

    I’m still not able to comment. But NICK of time baby! You just inspired me to make myself an omelette and drink some water! Col

  2. lesoiseaux2012 January 10, 2013 at 6:16 pm Reply

    You crack me up! Keep up with your good stories!

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