I hear Bone Broth is going to make me Dead Sexy!

I hear Bone Broth is going to make me Dead Sexy!

Funny how things happen…I was in Whole Foods on Monday and picked up a few things…one being beef bones for broth. I have chicken coming out of the yingyang and was craving beef broth. Now because I am trying to limit or avoid some FODMAPS, this called for a whole head of garlic and I was a bit nervous about putting that amount in…if I am trying to heal my tummy and I know FODMAPS kind of mess it up…I limited the garlic to 6 buds as I know that won’t bother me. Then today as I am surfing my favorite bloggers didn’t I notice a few were putting their bone broth in the crock pots. So out came mine and here we go!

Now why drink bone broth this magic elixir you ask?

1. Bone broth makes your joints feel smooth as silk as it is loaded with glycosaminoglycans.

2. Makes Your Hair, Skin, and Nails Look Dead Sexy (well I hope so anyway…)

3. Bone Broth Heals Your Gut! (the second reason I am doing this…the first being I want to be Dead Sexy! *huh?* lol yes Gelatin is a great gut healer.

4. Bone Broth Reduces Your Need for Meat and Protein (But I LOVE Meat and Protein!!!..I love organic grass fed as well and maybe buying less would be healing for my wallet too…just a thought!

5. Bone Broth gets rid of toxins! The liver i capacity to detoxify is limited by the availability of the amino acid glycine. And guess what is abundant in bone broth??? yep.

Bone Broth (high in minerals)
– Bones of any kind of meat really (1/5lbs to 2lbs)
– 16 cups of water (mine is drilled well)
– 2 tsp sea salt
– 2 tbsp organic apple cider vinegar
– 1 whole head garlic (optional) minced.

In a slow cooker bring to a boil and then put on low for 8 to 24 hours (longer the better)
Turn off and strain and put in fridge
chip off layer of fat and heat and drink or use as broth for dishes.

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