Snow Day #2 Doughnuts and Chinese Food!

Yes another snow day and another day to sleep in  YES!!!  I love that 6:30 am call…”Go back to sleep Shannon, it’s a snow day”  Then I hang up and smile and cozy in deeper to my bed and pillow and then *BOING!*  My eyes pop open and I scream Nooooooooo!  I can sleep, mind go to sleep!  Anyway…

This was supper and this is the first time I have ever seen my 10 year old daughter bounce and eat at the same time.  Pure sign of enjoying her food.


Chicken Fried ‘ahem’ Rice

In a pan with olive oil I fried up 1 head of riced cauliflower.  After 5 min or so I then pushed to the side and scrambled 2 eggs and then mixed it with the cauliflower, I then chopped up 1 carrot and nuked for about 2 min in the microwave (yes I know this kills our food)  Then I mixed that all together with some gluten free soy sauce.


Curried Shrimp and Veggies

After I cleaned the pan with the rice, I then put more olive oil in and chopped up a small onion, red pepper, green pepper and sauted until the onions were translucent.  I then threw in some cooked shrimp and sprinkled curry over it all then I put a few splashes of soy sauce and let that fry for a bit (till all the water from the shrimp was gone)


Beef & Broccoli and Chinese 5 Spice

Chris then arrived home with the few ingredients I was missing to finish this meal.  Then after cleaning the pan *again*  another splash of olive oil and threw in broccoli and while that was cooking I soaked the thinly sliced beef in Tamari Sauce with 1 tbsp of the 5 spice and tossed and then threw in with the broccoli and then I put a splash of Tempura sauce ( I know..that’s Japanese!)  Then of course I made everyone try each dish without anything on it and then after they all said it was good we drizzled on cherry sauce and sweet and sour sauce to make it feel more like take out…oh and chop sticks!!!

I got big thumbs up and like I said…to watch my 10 year eat and tell me it was the best dinner she ever had…put a HUGE smile on my face ❤


And yes I made more doughnuts!!!  I will have to learn how to make fortune cookies next!




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