Guess who is going to Texas for the PALEOFX EVENT???

*SQUEEEEEEEEEE!*  yes…that would be me.  That is my excitement squeal. 

I got my first Paleo Magazine delivered and opened it up to the PaleoFX advertisement and wondered if anyone from the Toronto Paleo group was going and sure enough found a group looking for a 4th person!  I am very excited, but there were conditions under me going.  I have to pre-cook several freezer meals for my family before I left.  DOABLE!

Anyway that trip will happen March 26th and be back April 1st.  I have been just sort of maintaining with eating, cooking up favorites and right now I am making Valentine Shortbread cookies…so hopefully they work out. 

My new love are green drinks.  Fresh organic (when I can) kale, avocados, ginger, lemon, raw local honey, carrots etc…all blended up with some water and drink!  I call this my 1st Breakfast because I drink this and then I make my 2nd Breakfast of high quality animal fats!  I am reading two books right now  “Why women need fat” and “The vegetarian myth”  both are excellent!!!  The vegetarian myth has me all motivated to plant a huge garden so my friend Jane has offered her farmland and so her and I and the 5 kids between us will be farming some awesome veggies this summer.  Very excited.  Did you know that Plants eat MEAT!  LOL  yep they do!  On that note…here is this morning’s Green Drink.  Yum!


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