Coconut Berry Swirl Ice Cream

I am on a mission to continue to change the food my family eats.  Are they on board 110% like I am?  No not really I would say they are in the 80% range which is still really awesome!  So yesterday I bought a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker and today we made our first batch.  I got the recipe from my friends at


I personally cannot eat ice cream and haven’t for probably 7 or 8 years.  So it was not on my radar for change.  After eating Coconut Ice Cream with Avocado at Lick in Austin Texas I thought about the amount of ice cream my kids eat and decided I needed to change this food for us.


Not only is it about changing the food we eat, but teaching my children where our food really comes from and how easy it is to make healthy choices.  They are part of the process, they understand the ingredients and they enjoy the food that much more.  I hope that I am changing the trend our last 3 generations have been moving towards…Heart Disease, Obesity, Cancer, Diabetes are ALL DIET related diseases. 


20 minutes is an eternity to her…but I know I am adding years of life and health ❤  I love my kids.


I just asked them how it tasted and they both just yelled “GOOOOOD!!!”  So even though I didn’t think it was going to be sweet enough for them since they were used to the store bought crap.  I thought it would take time to change their palates…but they are good.  Yes!  Success 🙂

Here is the recipe from the popular bloggers of Sex, Food and Kettlebells.  Check them out.

  • 2 cans full fat organic coconut milk (14 oz, BPA free cans)
  • 1/2 cup maple syrup
  • 2 eggs (free-range)
  • 2 tbs vanilla extract
  • 3/4 cup frozen organic raspberries
  • 2 tbsp water
  • 1 tsp arrowroot powder
  • ice cream maker


1. Combine the coconut milk, eggs, vanilla, and 1/4 c maple syrup in a large bowl and mix well using a hand mixer. After it is well mixed, place the bowl in fridge or freezer until liquid is cold.

2. Once your ice cream mix is chilled, place it in your ice cream maker and turn it on (follow the directions for your appliance).

3. While your ice cream is churning, make the raspberry swirl.

4. Raspberry Swirl: Blend raspberries in the blender. Add 1/4 cup maple and raspberries to a saucepan on med/high on the stove. Stir continuously until completely mixed. Bring maple/raspberry mixture to a boil.

5. In a small bowl, mix water and arrowroot powder. Add to saucepan just before mixture hits a boil.

6. Allow maple/arrowroot/raspberry mixture to boil for 1 min, stirring, and then decrease temperature to a simmer, and stir continuously for 5-6 min. You will see the mixture thicken significantly. Let cool until ready to add to the ice cream (see next step).

7. After approx 30 min of churning the ice cream (a few minutes before ice cream is completed – follow instructions on your ice cream maker), slowly pour in the raspberry swirl.

8. Enjoy immediately and store extras in the freezer. If you prefer your ice cream harder, then place it in the freezer for a few minutes before consuming.


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