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Fried Dandelion Flowers


I saw a site on 40 things to do with Dandelions and because I already make dandelion tea I thought I would try something the kids might enjoy since they are not into tea *yet*

I went out into the yard and picked 20 flowers (recipe could easily made 40 flowers)

I washed them and let them dry on paper towel and made sure the ants were out of them.  Which would just be good protein if they weren’t right.

Then I reached under a chicken and got a fresh egg and beat that in a bowl.

In another bowl I combined 2 tbsp of arrowroot flour, pinch of pink salt, pepper, garlic powder a dash of oregano and basil. (you can do any combo of spices you would like)

Heated Olive oil in a pan and dipped the flowers in the egg then the spices and fried for approx 3 min. 


Drained on them on a paper towel…took a few pics for this blog and thought “oh it would be funny to end the blog with…They tasted like crap and what a waste of time”  But I can’t end the blog in that way…They were pretty AWESOME!  I am going to do up more and play with the coconut oil and sweet spices for dessert style.  Maybe a bit maple syrup instead of egg and cinnamon? 

There are tons of health benefits to Dandelion and if interested just google and you will get a list of what they can do for you.