Almost a year away from this blog…how things change and how things stay the same.

Life just got too busy and complicated to continue posting about my journey it just became my norm.

I started working with a Holistic Nutritionist who studies Live and Dry Blood Analysis.  My liver was the first concern and after a few months of using homeopathic remedies and continuing on my Paleo/Primal framework.  After doing liver work we moved to Kidneys and learning that Tomatoes were causing some residual issues I eliminated those.  This past summer while sitting at the beach at our cottage and watching people drink, and eat chips and snacks the rebellious teenager in me came out for a visit and in two days I had consumed 4 tequila coolers, twizzlers, potato chips, 3 pieces of toast with my eggs at breakfast, and the list goes on.  Next thing I know I was in the hospital and admitted as my liver enzymes were through the roof.  Now I know I had gallbladder stones back in 2010 from an ultra sound I had done for an unrelated matter and 2 years of eating a high saturated diet didn’t cause any discomfort…but yet once I lit into the crap that weekend it sent my liver and gallbladder into a tail spin.  I knew what had happened…but explain that to a doctor…”ya I ate some food I haven’t eaten in 2 years”  That made no sense to them…and of course they wanted to blame the gallbladder issues on my Paleo Diet.  Smile and Nod…  The doctor wanted to remove my gallbladder that afternoon and booked me…but I refused.  They sent the surgeon in to talk some sense into me…he agreed with me and I left the hospital and went straight to my nutritionist.  He got me on some Chinese Herbs and Homeopathic remedies and it took about 8 weeks to get to symptom free and now after 6 months I am now starting to ween off the liver/gallbladder support.  After the initial 8 weeks I returned to my high fat diet and feel awesome.

I am getting a Hormone Panel done and just waiting for the results…this might give me some answers to my continuing struggle with belly fat.  Because I am pretty sure I have some issues with my hormones and adrenal I decided to give the Adrenal Reset Diet a chance…this included the induction of beans…I did one month and even though I had awesome BM’s I gained weight and having muscles and joint pain…beans?  So again I am back on a Paleo/Primal Keto framework again.

Another thing I am doing is DITCHING the HAIR DYE….I covered my roots 20 weeks ago and when I went in for my next cover up I had this switch go off…I am tired of the chemicals on my skin, going into my ground water and polluting my land, and so I joined a Silver Siren group and getting tons of love and support for the transitioning stage of coloured to Silver hair…

5-20 weeks

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