I have been called many things; a Jack of All Trades, Inspiring, Artistic, a Dilettante Extraordinaire but I think my favorite label was a Renaissance Woman!  

I was born in Huntsville Ontario Canada and even though I lived all over the Province my heart remained in Muskoka.  In 2005 I was given the opportunity to build a house here and I haven’t looked back.  Something about Muskoka made me want to really focus on my art and my health.  The beautiful Muskoka Air, Lakes and Trees are really inspiring and I love to work in pottery, stain glass and photography.

I LOVE food and love to cook and on my journey of getting healthy I have discovered a way of eating that does not deprive me, I can be creative and the food just tastes amazing.

I am also a sharer…if I find something that works I want to share it with everyone.


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